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PHP Build For Testing

Posted: January 16, 2010 in PHP
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One of the challenges in the increase in usable MVC frameworks is that each framework wants to  use its own unit test framework that is slightly different form PHPUnit. Yes, some CI servers have plugins to integrate those test xml report s in phpunit format but are often not updated depending upon whether they were implemented on the CI server side or the MVC framework  side.

Of course there will be times when the MVC Framework test harness is not enough and you may actually need the full phpunit. Because most CI servers can parse xml into the web dashboard what one could does is use a build script that calls a multiple purpose testrunner for  php such as stagerunner. You will notice in the bottom chart that it outputs JUnit xml for most PHP testrunners.

In a follow-up post I will post the ANT build script that I developed for use with the Symfony MVC framework.

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