Is DZone Web Builder dying?

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Even though most of the world is recovering financially, we have entered a climbing surge of innovation in the web scripting space to whereas webprise has replaced high cost and large development time heavy enterprise java. Even PHP can now do daemons and gtk interfaces.

Do not get me wrong, news on some areas of web technology are probably welcomed at Dzone Web Builder. However. where is adequate coverage of those web building technologies that save both startups and large enterprises money? I can always find 4 to 5 posts on YC’s HackerNewz daily.

Here is a typical example of high cost vendor bias in a dzone article. Hint, Java developers salaries are declining because they support high cost development processes when all the other developers are saying and finding a better way. Not to mention the bad factual bias in the linked article in ignoring new faster web HTPPD servers that use state machines to outperform Apache2 in such languages as Ruby and Python, one of them is Zed Shaw’s creation and one is FriendFeed’s creation among others.

This decade starting from 2010 establishes the rest of the transition form high costly Enterprise development using such things as Enterprise Java to what I call webprise systems developed in scripting languages. Some will use ORM of some kind and some will move towards schema-less distributed db systems. And we have Web Builder Zone of Dzone fully missing this transition.

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