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Posted: January 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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There is this interplay between programming technologies for different platforms( Desktop, enterprise, Mobile etc) and an interplay between different computer languages and tools that escapes being covered or even discussed in the normal SEO-linkbait rush to have something noticed in this real-time atmosphere of technical blogging.

A chance to do something different in that I am  not using javablogs or other sites to aggregate but just rather concentrate on content and have that quality content carry or quantify the points of discussion. Programming is not a vacuum devoid of life and yet we get so busy screaming ‘look at me’  to the default audience of that programming technology that we fail to observe the  full grasp of innovations and improvements and how to ‘stand upon shoulders of giants’.

Each person’s own non programming life pursuits become integral in the programming innovations we might create or develop. In my case, you might at any one time see concepts borrowed from history, science, music, etc being introduced into the programming sphere as naming conventions of projects but also as inspirations for new creations.

There also is a set of long technical essays in preparation at hackedlabs-wikidot that will be published, one at a time, as they are completed. Some cover specific programming tasks and others cover relationships between technology components and tools. And at times there will be articles that are in the hacker vein of playing with computing tools and techniques as a big set of lego blocks dying to be used to build that next new creation.

The only aggregation tools being used are twitter, facebook, and friendfeed.

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