Webkit MVC

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Mobile
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I am debating developing a WebkitMVC for mobile devices. 37Signals took theirs one way and I want to hack one out in my direction of mobile web apps that install as mobile applications.  The reasons for the debate is a possible job interview.

I just like challenges and have code out something for an interview, I do not know how else to prepare for a developer interview than develop. Also, Node.js, Coffescript, Backbone.js  and the performance of VMs for javascript integrated with webkit make it now possible to do somewhat complicated applications fully in javascript using webkit/html5/css as the UI without the performance degradation seen in the past.

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GitHub User Pages and HTML5 Slides

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Tools
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I think I figured out how to include HTML5 slide decks in GitHub user pages. Since you do not want the slide files(py md html) processed by Jeckyll its best to exclude the slides dir. Than you should be able to do regular href reference to each slide deck in the slides directory assuming that you are naming each slide deck a unique html file name.

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Eclipse Helios Downloads

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Eclipse

Eclipse Helios Downloads here.

Eclipse Classycle Plugin gone

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Eclipse

The author of the eclipse Classycle plugin has let his site reg lapse.   The current version for Eclipse 3.5 and 3.6 is at my dropbox, link of:

Eclipse Classycle 1.1.2

Gradle and PHP

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Groovy, PHP
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You may not realize this but the gradle website is in php. that basically means that you can also use gradle to build php websites including mvc framework ones. This will get interesting..

I should preface this by stating that I do like the announce plugin concept of announcing builds to 3rd party services. Tbhat being said you really should not put your ids, passwords in any build.gradle such as:
announce {
username = 'twitterid'
password = 'twitterpsswrd'

Obviously you should not do that but use the environments config slurper pattern and define the twitter id and passwords in the init.gradle file stored in user.home/.gradle/ and call define loadconfiguration() and call it in the build.gradle file with of course using the $config.twitter.twitterid and $config.twitter.twitterpsswrd patterns.

Than you have a reasonable secure pattern if you intend to extend the announce plugin say to connect to a googlewave widget for example.

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The first step in using gradle as your build system is to realize that you can have blank main/java, main/groovy, test/java, test/groovy folders in your src path. This way you never have to adjust your project moving files and such as yo just declare some new source paths that match what your IDE setup as the project.

The trick is to enable the underlying plugins before the main project one. For example, for the Grails plugin you enable java and groovy before that plugin and than you can set customized source paths for java and groovy according to how your IDE sets up  the typical grails project.

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The Atlassian eclipse Jira Mylyn plugin directions are somewhat confusing. fro eclipse 3.5 you need to use the non-weekly update url of:


For Eclipse 3.6 which has Mylyn 3.4 and not Mylyn 3.3. you need to use the weekly update url of:


but on that page there is no mention of this, I guess we are suppose to be mind readers.

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Techcrunch culture of Denial

Posted: February 5, 2010 in StartUp

Its somewhat sad, we have a sliding of VC returns and yet no one connects the lying and denial as part of the cause. The recent case of an intern not only getting TechCrunch to take them as a writer but turn a blind eye while posts were completed for materials goods is but a symptom of a greater affliction.

This is why Jason Calacanis and Mark Cuban’s call for more startups as a way out o of recession is not an ideal cure as the underlying culture of denial and lying within the tech-startup communities produces no real goods with real jobs but much like TechCrunch’s latest debacle, a circle jerk con game with no real benefits at the end of the day.

We have to as a community get back to no denials, real tech journalism and cast out the posers. Tech community and VCs you are no different than the liar loans that funded the real estate collapse. And please TC removing the articles because they might be fined under FCC guidelines than claiming tis because of age of writer, 17 years old is not a minor but a major sirs.

Techcrunch and SV elitism you make me effing sick!

Php MVC Code Standards

Posted: January 19, 2010 in PHP, Symfony
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There is a nice tool called PHP CodeSniffer but not a good set of code standards for PHP MVC frameworks in PHP Code Sniffer format. The one I found for Symfony is somewhat old and missing items.

I should have something up at GitHUb this evening to correct that set of issues.